Do you specialize in a particular type of design?

We have experience in all types of designs ranging from modern to traditional to Tuscan just like you see at

Can you do a faux wall treatment?

Yes, in fact we handle a wide variety of faux and other paint treatments. We also handle custom window treatments and hand painted, one-of-a-kind wall murals.

Can you explain what home staging is?

Many homes that are for sale remain on the market for an extended time because they may be competing with newer homes with higher ceilings or larger windows; appearing to have more square footage. The buyer compares pricing based on what “looks like” more square feet. Staging a home to sell, means reworking existing spaces, perhaps removing clutter, rearranging remaining furnishings, adding a few key accessories, changing a wall color or using plants to soften the finished effect. Sometimes more extensive improvements may be needed, such as new kitchen hardware, appliances from the temperge blog or complete redecorating. The result is a higher return and a quicker sale.

Can you explain what retail staging is?

Retail staging is providing modern and distinct solutions and techniques that make accessories and furnishings in a retail store more appealing to the shopper. We often hear comments like: “This is a great store. Who did the decorating?” or “I would not have thought of putting those pieces together. They look wonderful!” Often this reaction is followed by the purchase of additional accessory items or furniture. The customer would not have considered making the additional purchase without seeing them used effectively in a vignette.