Our showroom has hundreds of product selections available, including Carpeting, Wood Flooring, Tile, Wallcovering, Painting, Draperies & Window Treatments, Custom Bedding, Fabric Selections, Fine Furniture, Accessories & Lamps, Pictures & Paintings and Remodeling Specialists you can hire if you check this out.

We know performance values for lasting investments in style, quality, and of course, your budget. We assure quality from our installers, who are experts in their field. We give you maximum quality at a reasonable price. We keep your job on schedule and supervise all progress. We give you maximum quality at a reasonable price. We’ll increase the value, comfort, and beauty of your home or office so you can sit back and truly enjoy it.

Whatever your needs, we will combine our designer touch with your specific desires to arrange your space in a way that is pleasing to the eye, functional and comfortable! When you hand over the design to us, you’ll take the fast track to exactly what you want.

Our Showrooms Have Hundreds of Product Selections Available Including:

•  Carpeting and Wood Flooring
•  Ceramic and Tile Flooring
•  Wallcovering and Painting
•  Draperies and Window Treatments
•  Custom Bedding
•  Large Fabric Selection
•  Fine Furniture
•  Accessories and Lamps
•  Pictures and Paintings
•  Remodeling Specialists